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Lifeline Nutrition, LLC. is privately owned and operated. We offer our products in tablet, chewable tablets, capsules, powders and soft gels. Each and every batch of our products in assayed for potency and accuracy.


Our product line includes over 200 highly developed formulas designed to meet a wide variety of nutritional needs. Every year we identify new items to add to our product line. We believe that every consumer has the right to know the complete ingredients of every supplement; all products have full disclosure labels that list all active and inert ingredients.

It requires a lot of hard work to exceed our customer’s expectations. But going that extra mile is what separates us from the competition. We have established a reputation for reliable, quality products, and friendly efficient service.

Like many people we recognize the importance of the healthy lifestyle, and we are dedicated to finding the best natural alternatives from around the world. Our philosophy is simple: no harsh chemicals and no animal testing. Our aim is to help you save yourselves and the environment.

We are capable of producing clear film coating, color coating and enteric coating tablets. Our company provides unique products such as instant release tablets, sustained release tablets, sublingual tablets, and chewable tablets.

Lifeline Nutrition is always looking for new distributors across the globe. With the reduction of the US dollar, we have expanded our efforts to the overseas market. We expect our quality products with our unbeatable pricing to be the driving force in our expansion abroad. Come join the fun. Come join us.

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